Winter has just brewed in Australia, and while many people travel at this time of the year, pests infiltrate temporarily uninhabited homes. While pests can be around all year long, certain species breed and infest residential areas during cold seasons.


If you’re planning on travelling anytime within the next three months, you need to know about these pests that could attack your property while you’re gone.



Bed Bugs


These pests can be difficult to extinguish during winter and come spring since they often spread around the house when everyone is away on vacation. You may think that regular bedding changes are enough, but sometimes, bed bugs that come from an active line of persistent pests can live on.


If you’re concerned about bed bugs potentially spreading around the house while you’re gone, it’s best to contact an Adelaide pest control expert.




Mice, rats, and other rodent families love penetrating homes during winter. Why? Because they need a place that will keep them warm until the snowy season comes to an end. Rodents are some of the toughest pests to beat, which is why you need the expertise of Adelaide pest control specialists.


Call your local expert right away if you notice squeaky sounds in the basement or if you see shredded bits of paper when you open an old box. Most often than not, old boxes have become breeding spaces for rodents.




Most house flies hibernate during the winter, and they come out in spring to bother your garden parties. If you haven’t guessed yet, flies sleep in cracks on your home’s walls. They also sleep in dark, shady places such as the basement.


Get a pest control expert to spray fly treatment on your home before spring comes so house flies won’t see the light of day once winter is over. You can get discounts from packaged deals if you call them during peak seasons.




Cockroach families breed during the hot summer season. However, they are mostly seen indoors during summer since they will search for survival habitats during cold weather. During winter, they can be found in basements, sewage systems, and flooring drains.


For many homeowners, cockroaches are very difficult to exterminate. If you see even one of these pests in your home during winter, it could mean that a whole host of roaches have already penetrated your property. Call a pest control specialist right away!


Winter pests are difficult to take down on your own even if you purchase cockroach and fly killers. Rodents are even tougher to beat since they are known to be survivors. For winter pest control services, consult with the best Adelaide companies. You can rest assured that they know how to keep your home pest-free and hygienic even throughout snowy nights.