Do you use an anxiety blanket when you sleep? Apart from it being a popular option among children and adults, do you know why it makes you sleep better at night? If you’ve heard about it or even tried it, then you may be familiar with how it works yet don’t quite know how it does this. An anxiety blanket uses deep touch therapy, which is a method that uses tactile input from different kinds of pressure that’s exerted equally across the body. Hugging, squeezing, stroking, or swaddling is normal pressure that exemplifies deep touch therapy. If you’re wondering what these pressures have in common, each of them relaxes your body and puts you in a good mood. Learn more about it at


Anxiety blankets – or more commonly known as weighted blankets – also use this technique. That’s why whenever you use this type of blankets, you’re getting the following benefits:


Reduced Anxiety Levels

You don’t call it an anxiety blanket for nothing. The reason why it’s called such in the first place is that it helps control and eliminate anxiety. It does this by making you feel like someone is hugging you every time you use it. A blanket for anxiety gives you the same effects, whether you’re using it on your sofa while watching television or your bed when you’re about to go to sleep. Anxiety blankets promote the release of dopamine in the body. Also known as the feel-good hormone, you can fight and conquer your anxieties and feel better about yourself.

Reduced Stress Levels

Similarly, anxiety blankets also help reduce stress. Stress can be present anywhere. The worst thing about it is that you can’t predict the things that can give it to you. Stress can come from nowhere and ruin your entire mood. If your work or other items in your life is causing you stress, what you need is a way to combat it. Fortunately, the answer to your stress problems can be answered when you head to Anxiety blankets can help alleviate stress. When you have a tough day at work or school. Try to relax by curling in bed and covering your entire body with your anxiety blanket.


Better-quality Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia? With the use of an anxiety blanket, your body can produce serotonin, which is a hormone that stimulates sleep. Having enough serotonin in the body can promote deeper sleep. The comfort of the pressure that a weighted blanket provides will let you relax and keep you asleep throughout the night. Head on over to and buy your anxiety blanket today.