Brass cabinet handles are one of the most popular types of kitchen hardware. Most kitchen hardware is constructed from 100% pure brass, so you know you are getting a great quality product that will endure the test of time in your kitchen. Each piece is also available in a myriad of colours and elegant, unique finishes. You will find that brass cabinet knobs come in various finishes, including Matte, Polished, Antique White, Antique Oil-rubbed and Black. Brass knobs may be used for various applications, including cooking, storage, wine storage, and more. When you have a brass knob to handle your hardware needs, you can depend on it to look good, last a long time and be able to resist tarnishing.

Brass Cabinet Handles by Lo & Co InteriorsDon’t worry if you are not sure that you would like to invest in brass cabinet handles. There are many other materials you can choose from to furnish your cabinets with the best handles possible. The handles that are used on cabinets today can range from brass to stainless steel. These handles have different looks, varying from the rich, dark-hued polish to the more modern and polished styles. The hardware itself can be made from wood, metal, plastic, or wire. No matter what material it is made out of, you are sure to find the right handles in the perfect design to fit your unique style.

There are two major types of Brass Cabinet Handles by Lo & Co Interiors. One type is a full-sized cabinet handle. These handles can be found in many sizes, from the small 3-inch cabinet handles to the extra-large 18-inch ones. The latter would make an excellent addition to a kitchen island or even a sideboard. Smaller handles are usually utilized for kitchen shelving, while larger ones are often used on the counters for additional storage space.

The other type of Brass Cabinet Handles by Lo & Co Interiors is the trim brass cabinet knob. These are commonly referred to as “short-handled” brass knobs. They are normally three inches in height and can come in various finishes, such as oil rubbed bronze, chrome, brass flat, and brass polished finish. As its name implies, the style of the trim knob usually matches the cabinet it is meant to be used with. They are normally available in the same range of finishes as their larger cousins.

While you will find that all brass cabinet handles are subject to corrosion after a while, the durability of the metal makes this problem fairly minimal. As a result, if you choose to go with one of these brass cabinet knobs, you should purchase one that has an enamel coating. Enamel is a very durable material that, when applied to metal, will allow it to withstand rusting. It is especially true with brass, which is often susceptible to attack from the elements.

There are several different types of brass cabinet knobs to choose from. You have the more traditional wooden models that come in ivory and mahogany, and these are the handles most likely to be associated with antique styled furniture. In addition to being solid wood, they are also painted to match the finish on the furniture they are meant to compliment. There is also the stainless steel variety that features a polished finish. The key difference between the two is that the steel models are polished to allow them to appear to have been intentionally matched to the original cabinet design, while the wooden models are unfinished.

When selecting brass knobs for your cabinets, you mustn’t select ones that will interfere with the operation of the doors. For instance, if you have glass cabinet doors, you do not want brass knobs that pull on the door to open it. It will cause a safety hazard and may even damage the door in the long run. On the other hand, if you plan to put in an upholstered cabinet, you can use brass knobs that sit underneath the cushions. It will allow you to pull out the cushions easily without dealing with any interference from the brass knobs.

One of the advantages of using brass cabinet knobs is that they require little maintenance. In most cases, you will not have to lubricate them after they have been installed to ensure that they function properly. In fact, they will last for years, provided that you take proper care of them.