When you are about to get to work, the last thing you will surely want is a dull chainsaw chain. At its worst, it will make your saw prone to kickback and can be very downright dangerous. However, the performance of your chainsaw is still greatly affected even if it doesn’t happen. Your saw will only use more power for fewer results and will cause wear and tear on other parts of the saw as it no longer works as efficiently as before.


But how will you know that your chainsaw chain is already dull?


You will know if your chainsaw chain already needs a chainsaw chain-sharpener once you spot some of the tell-tale signs indicating dullness. Keep in mind that you won’t get the best out of your chainsaw if you keep on ignoring those signs. Not to mention that it also poses a considerable risk to your safety.


Unlike novice people and DIYers, a professional chainsaw operator is much knowledgeable when their chain is already dull. The most apparent sign indicating that you already need to get out the chain saw sharpener right away is when it no longer effectively and smoothly self feeds.


Take note that an adequately sharpened chainsaw can efficiently pull itself right down through the cut. So you need to treat your chainsaw to a sharpener if you find yourself pushing extra hard on the chainsaw or have to use the bucking spikes on the front of the device to gain leverage.


Moreover, if you have spotted dusty discharge from the chainsaw when cutting wood, it is a sign that a chainsaw chain-sharpener is already necessary. Remember that a perfectly sharpened saw must cut out squared-off wood chips excellently. So, the chain undeniably needs sharpening if your chain saw is now producing dust instead of this kind of chip.


As soon as you realise that your chain is blunt, you must stop cutting. You are only causing wear and tear to the powerhead, sprocket, guide bar and chain if you force a chain that is dull to cut anything.


Additionally, if you continue to use a dulled chain, your safety will be at a huge risk. In fact, numerous cases in the past are related to operators getting injured severely due to the constant use of a defective chainsaw. Thus, always remember that Sharpening your chain not only helps in cutting wood more effectively, but it will save your life as well.


As mentioned earlier, a correctly sharpened chain can cut through wood almost similar to a knife to butter. So, you are probably wasting both your time and energy if your chain saw no longer cuts smoothly. Not to mention that you are only creating more damage to your equipment and putting yourself at considerable risk.