The fact that you like spending most of your time at home in the kitchen means you should see to it that you have all the essentials when it comes to preparing food. When it comes to cooking, the appliances you use fall into two categories – the ones that you need the most and those that you don’t need but you still can buy for complex and intricate recipes. For this post, we focus on the essentials.

So, here are the small cooking appliances SA you must have in your modern kitchen:

1 – Blender

You must look for a high-speed variant and not just any blender. The reason is that you expect to use the appliance for cooking and preparing food, not just making smoothies and drinks. If you are fond of making soups and using different ingredients, then a high-speed blender is a must-have in your kitchen.

2 – Food Processor

Most people think that the use of a food processor is like that of a blender. However, there is a reason why you should have both appliances in your kitchen, especially if you like cooking a lot but has limited time doing it. The role of the food processor is to give you a convenient time preparing stuff like vegetables and fruits for quick slicing and processing. Instead of manually handling them and spend minutes, you can do it in seconds with the help of the food processor.

3 – Stand Mixer

When you mention a stand mixer, the first thing that comes to mind is eggs. Perhaps you already know that it is as versatile as the other appliances we previously mentioned. The stand mixer works by mimicking the motion of a whisker but with better power than the manually operated whisker. You use this small cooking appliance for baking as well as for everything there is to do with preparing different ingredients.

4 – Oven Toaster

Cooking appliances SA come in various forms, sizes, and functions. Even the ones belonging to a single category may also be classified in different types. The most prominent example is the oven. Of the many different types, we believe that the oven toaster is the most essential because it is multi-functional and does not take up that much space. You can put everything in it and bake something in seconds.

5 -Microwave

Another small cooking appliance that is a must-have in your kitchen is the microwave oven. It arguably is one of the most versatile devices since its uses are almost limitless. Aside from reheating food, you can make several goodies with the microwave, including that of cooking bacon, eggs, and even mug cakes.

Remember though that when you purchase a new cooking appliance, be sure you go for a renowned brand so that you won’t have issues with the warranty and repair services later.