Modern technology and manufacturing innovation are responsible for providing property owners with a handful of options when it comes to floor tiles Adelaide. The look of your living area will considerably depend on the tiles you use for the floor. However, don’t think that the priciest floor tile varieties are the best investment out there. You can purchase affordable tiles that offer a similar quality in terms of aesthetics and durability to that of the more expensive alternatives.

If you’re not confident in your knowledge about floor tiles, then you will find this article helpful once you begin shopping for prospects. Here are the factors to consider when you’re looking at the different tile prospects for flooring:

1 – Water Absorption

Typical and standard clay tiles can have an absorption capacity a little over 10% of its weight. It also has a low modulus of rupture.

Meanwhile, stoneware tiles manufactured from a mixture of clay and unique silicon materials have a low absorption rate. But be sure you choose something that should not have an absorption rate of more than 2.5%.

2 – Glaze Quality

Two essential factors to consider in selecting a glazed floor tiles Adelaide are the quality and thickness of the glaze. It is crucial to point out that bright colours used for ceramic must have a body with a high expansion coefficient. It is achievable only in a porous and relatively low strength ceramics. With the right backings, very bright coloured tiles do not wear out very well in dense traffic areas.

3 – Surface Resiliency

Back in the day, most glazed clay tiles made were ideal for walls. Floors with many people walking on it are exposed to considerable foot traffic. Hence, it’s imperative to choose a variety of floor tiles with hard-wearing surfaces. There must be a way to distinguish between places of light traffic like in homes to those places of heavy traffic like government buildings, pathways, and shopping centres. You choose a floor tile based on the foot traffic factor.

If you decide to go for glazed tiles for floors, you must put in the effort to examine the quality and thickness of glazing. Failure to do so means you could end up with flooring that will quickly deteriorate.

4 – Aesthetics

Some of the most preferred floor tiles when it comes to aesthetics are marble, ceramic, and terrazzo. Be sure you choose something that will blend well or complement your home’s existing theme or décor.

5 – Function

Don’t forget to choose a floor tile that addresses your functional needs. For instance, you must select marble for bathrooms, while wood tiles are the best option for dance floors. Meanwhile, PVC tiles are ideal for office and computer rooms. Of course, you should factor in the price and your budget.

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