The type of door for a wardrobe or kitchen closet may not be its main feature, but worth some thought, if you want to get the best experience. It gives you benefits or drawbacks – depending on the type of door you choose. If you want the most superior benefits than any other closet door can provide, then you need to go for hinged wardrobe doors from We sell the best wardrobes with hinged wardrobe doors that will give you the comfort you deserve. Here are some of the benefits of hinged cabinet doors that can be the deal-breaker:

A Full View

Hinged Wardrobe DoorsHinged wardrobe doors provide an unobstructed full view. If what you want is a wardrobe in the bedroom, you can see all your clothes, shoes, and accessories as soon as you open those doors. With this advantage, there are no more struggles with choosing the best combination of clothes to wear for all kinds of occasions. Some closets that have different types of doors, such as the sliding variant, will not give you a full view of your clothes, limiting the chances of landing an outfit that stands out. By getting instant access to your stuff, hinged doors will provide the benefit you need.

Likewise, if you are using it as a cabinet in the kitchen, a wardrobe with hinged doors will afford you a view of all your staples, cooking equipment and small appliances right down to your tiniest spice tin.

Elegance and Organization

Hills Robes and Kitchens ‘s hinged wardrobe doors feature attractive and eye-catching designs that can add a boost of aesthetic appeal to your entire room. Our wardrobes with glass doors come in two variants: transparent glass and mirrored variant. Both are contemporary features that can give your room a unique feel that is very cosy. That is why if you are looking to increase the appeal of your room, all while having a durable and convenient closet, our hinged closet door is the one you need.


Finally, we head to the only advantage that puts the hinged wardrobe doors from Hills Robes and Kitchens over the top. Our cabinets with hinged doors are very versatile. They come in different designs, shapes, colours and even material. The purpose is to provide custom options for you that you cannot find at any other brand. With this in mind, you can add the best version of our wardrobe that will complement your entire room well.


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