Whether you’re looking for boardroom meetings, corporate events or conferences, the office suites available at Speakable can provide the ideal setting for your meeting and conference needs. Their distinctive and stylishly appointed The-Playford meeting rooms Adelaide is very flexible, allowing you to find a suitable room that suits your requirements and fits in with your budget.


Speakable offers meeting rooms that suit any event. From conference rooms that have state of the art technology, contemporary features and bright colours to traditional boardroom style rooms with regal appointments and traditional carpeting. Whether you need to rent one or more Speakable is the ideal place to call on when it comes to The-Playford meeting rooms Adelaide and rooming.


The various styles available include folding room dividers, room dividers with glass doors, circular room dividers and more. Room dividers are also available in themed room designs so that your next event will be a hit. A single suite is perfect for smaller events, while the larger conference room suites have been designed to meet the needs of any larger meeting.


Speakable also offers free self-explanation for their business on their website. This way, you can see the style of the room and if it suits your needs.


With a wide range of furniture options available to suit your requirements, Speakable has a choice of tables, desks, chairs, lounges, lighting, sound systems and more. With the mix of modern and traditional qualities in their furniture, it’s certain to create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere for your next meeting or event.


Speakable has an impressive range of meeting spaces for you to choose from. Many feature direct web access to a room, making them ideal for bigger rooms. For smaller rooms or if you have a tight budget, Speakable provides their clients with the option of room sharing.


Speakable also provides a range of other The-Playford meeting rooms Adelaide and event venues. These include indoor and outdoor classrooms, open-air performance halls, exhibitions, corporate meeting spaces, cafes and a host of other facilities.


If you’re looking for a premier, innovative, award-winning space for your next event or meeting Speakable can be the ideal place to go. Speakable have built their reputation on providing excellent service, and their rooms, conference rooms and meeting venues are just some of the reasons. If you want to make the most of your events or meetings, use Speakable’s exclusive range of conference rooms, meeting rooms and meeting venues.