Fast Fix Roller Doors Roller door repairs may seem simple, but they can be costly if not done correctly. A garage entry roller door may last as much as 30 years, while a remote-controlled automatic door opener can last only 10-12 years without proper maintenance. By doing the following, you can increase the lifespan of your roller door. Professional repair services While DIY roller door repair Adelaide services save you money; it is not always the best solution for roller-moving doors. For best results, hiring professional repair companies to do the job right, is the most important thing.

Roller Door Repair AdelaideTo lengthen the lifespan of your roller door, several components need to be checked and serviced regularly. This is especially true for remote-controlled garage doors that are often used indoors and limited spaces such as apartments and condos. It is important to note that professionals should do all repairs to avoid further damage to the device. One way to maintain the high quality of Fast Fix Roller Doors roller door repairs is to regularly lubricate the moving parts. You can use grease-based lubricants for exterior operations and specialty products for internal gears and rollers.

Also, check your mounting brackets and pulleys to ensure proper operation. A roller doors system is more effective and efficient when mounted properly and with the correct mounting brackets. For garage entry roller doors, the most common type is a track system with mounting brackets at each corner. You may also need to replace your existing roller shutters and mounting brackets to optimise your device’s optimal performance.

For other types of garage entry roller doors, such as those made from heavy gauge steel, a high-pressure sprayer is used to spray a lubricant onto the moving parts. This is followed by a thorough cleaning process using abrasive grit to remove burrs, rust, and debris. After cleaning, a primer is sprayed on the moving parts, then the final coat of lubricant is added. Specialty products for roller shutters are designed to last for many years in harsh conditions. Some of the famous brand names in roller door repair Adelaide services include Titan, Frick, Krones, and Steelmasters.

After several years, if you are still using your garage roller door, consider replacing it with a new model that offers longer lifetimes and better efficiency. Most garage Fast Fix Roller Doors roller door repair services provide lifetime warranties on their products, so this should not be a problem. If you are in the market for a new door opener, you should also consider purchasing a garage lifter, which lengthens your current one’s lifespan. Most roller door lifters cost about $150. This may not seem much, but the difference in lifetime performance can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings over the life of your equipment.