We see the rubbish-dumps-Adelaide daily on the roads and in the local areas and wonder what will happen to it all. Why are these residents so upset that there is no one taking care of their rubbish? Why do they allow the local authorities to let open dumps when they know full well that it is not hygienic to let rubbish sit there? Some residents have even complained about the smell coming from the open dumps and have complained that they have had to sleep outside because of the smell.


The locals believe that there are many reasons for the situation, but the most important one is that the NGOs working with the waste management agencies do not have a budget to renovate the pits or pay the employees who work there. Instead, they divert the money to salaries and other needs of the NGO. This has resulted in an increase in the number of refuse dumpsites, and the amount of rubbish dumped there.


The state of affairs has led to the closure of many waste pickers. The NGOs are in complete control of the direction of the dumpsites, and if it rains, the NGOs trucks will not be able to pick up the waste and transport it to the main dumpsite. According to the state of affairs, the NGOs should hire more workers or get more vehicles to pick up the waste.


The NGOs have put up a poster saying that the government should not interfere in the waste pickers’ operation. If the local authorities take action against the pickers/scavengers, the NGOs will take up legal action, says Dias. The problem with this is that many local governing bodies have no idea about running a waste hauling operation. They do not have the resources to hire a lot of employees. They also think that they can give the NGOs’ information to operate the waste pickers without adding to their own workload. Click here for more details about your local rubbish-dumps-Adelaide.


The situation is further worsened because the waste management board does not inspect open ditches regularly enough. They do not understand the need for an annual inspection. This makes the job of the waste pickers more complicated. The NGOs need more support from people living in and around the area. People living near the dump should make sure that they inform the local inhabitants that there is a huge open dump in their area and that the inhabitants should avoid going to that place if they do not want to see dead animals or smell rotten meat.


The situation at the central site is not so bad, but there are still many problems. The main site has already been vandalized. There are reports of bad sanitation and hygiene and dead animals and pests. There is no proper protection for the animals and insects living in the open ditches, and the animals’ remains cannot be properly disposed of. At present, there are reports that the main site may soon close. Click here for more details about your local rubbish-dumps-Adelaide.