The concept of bale wrapping was introduced in the agriculture and livestock farming industry several decades ago. The product called “baled silage” has become a staple in those industries today, and there is a good reason for it. Arguably the most significant argument for baled silage is that it produces a high quality and nutritious fodder. At the same time, baling corresponds to reduced labour necessities and the risk of incurring losses during transport.

With the trend of wrapping bales emerging, livestock farm owners appreciate the reality that they now have a cost-effective strategy in producing and storing hay. When the crop is at the highest quality, bale silage allows the useful harvest without worrying about the extreme weather. You know for a fact that various crops are ideal for harvest and in the production of animal feeds, and the use of Silage Wrap & Silage covers makes the process convenient.

Producing baled silage during extreme weather conditions like in the winter is critical for the success of any animal or livestock farm setting. The rise of the cost of animal feed forces people to maximise the opportunity of making bale silage so that they become ready for the summer. The use of silage wrap and covers effectively creates an airtight seal, eventually facilitating an ideal environment for the fermentation of the crop. It means that the wrap will protect the crop against the possibility of quick deterioration due to the weather elements.

Keep in mind that when you take proper care of your bales, it results in maintaining its ideal quality minus the oxygen and moisture infiltration. You need the bales to be free from moisture in the entirety of the storage process since you want nothing short than the most nutritious and freshest feed for your livestock.

You expect excellent quality silage by using Silage Wrap & Silage covers because there is a guarantee of an airtight seal. Likewise, the process is shortened from start to finish, which in turn translates to reduced losses and spoilage. The decision to choose bale wrap is crucial because you are, in a way providing the best possible protection for your bales.

The three best features you will appreciate from silage wraps and covers are the ultimate protection against the sun’s radiation, superior strength, and maximum resiliency. Those three attributes make it possible to produce the best silage possible.

Be reminded that when you decide to use inferior material for bale wrapping, it will eventually result to lower bale density as well as quality. A low-quality bale has inconsistent stretching, which leads to the possible entry of air, moisture, and other elements. It is something you never would want to happen because you will lose a lot of money and productivity in the process.