Everyone dreams of maintaining pearly, white teeth. But it’s easier said than done. You probably have tried several products before to retain the natural brightness of your smile. However, only very few products can have substantial positive effects. It is why professional SmileAddiction Teeth Whitening Adelaide remains as the most practical solution.

You should go for professional teeth whitening because you’ll get the following perks:

1 – There’s a guarantee of retaining that bright smile.

Teeth whitening products sold over the counter promise unbelievable results, but these products might not be able to deliver unless the staining of your teeth is moderate. To make these sets less expensive and easier to use, the included whitening representatives have a lower concentration of the active component than professional-grade whitener does.

At-home treatments generally consist of roughly 3% peroxide, while professional whitener might contain as much as 30%. This more powerful grade can remove more persistent discolourations, giving you brighter results. Furthermore, when you deal with a dentist, you often have the option to pick your specific objective shade, so you can get the outcomes you desire.

2 – You expect comprehensive treatment.

Lightening treatment sets are usually one-size-fits-all. Regrettably, no two mouths are the same. The standard trays included in a lot of these kits will fit some mouths better than others, and you won’t be able to inform if they’ll fit yours up until you’ve used them.

When you choose to go to a professional whitening expert, the trays utilised will be made just for you, which guarantees an even application and thorough treatment.

3 – There are almost zero risks.

Lightening is seldom a comfy experience. Many people who undergo lightening have tooth level of sensitivity and discomfort as a result. In some cases, contact with the lightening agent can harm the gum tissues and weaken the strength of the tooth enamel.

When you go through professional treatment, your dentist covers your gums to secure them from contact and performs the bleaching at a controlled rate. This technique avoids over-bleaching and minimises discomfort throughout and after the treatment.

4 – You expect lasting results.

A lot of non-prescription whiteners take a while to work, and the results don’t last for very long after they do start to work. This short-lived outcome takes place because of the weakness of the whitener option.

When you see a dentist for professional SmileAddiction Teeth Whitening Adelaide, the preliminary treatments get rid of all the spots on your teeth. Then, when your teeth are at your perfect shade, your dentist can provide you maintenance sets you can use between visits, so your smile looks stunning for a more extended period.

Finally, the best thing about professional teeth whitening is that you’re getting customised treatment. It means that the cosmetic dentist will figure out the right solution based on your teeth whitening needs.