If you are employed, you have a legal duty to take out TGB Lawyers WorkCover at the earliest opportunity to protect your financial well being and the protection of your employer. There are two basic types of WorkCover: short-term cover and long-term cover.

Most employees receive one or more benefits from WorkCover Perth; usually at least one week’s pay, holiday pay, sick leave, maternity pay and childcare costs. Some benefits such as paternity leave, accident cover and bereavement pay are usually paid for the whole year. WorkCover covers an extensive range of illnesses including falls, back injuries, muscle strains, broken bones, cuts, bruises, psychological or psychiatric conditions and can cover emotional or mental conditions which are caused by work. TGB Lawyers WorkCover does not include cover for accidents.


As the employer, you should ensure that you have all your employees’ Medical Certificates which show that they will not only be fit for work but also that they will have no restrictions on their ability to return to work in the event of an illness. If you do not have a medical certificate, you will only be liable to pay out if your employee has an illness which is likely to be severe or life-threatening.

Short-term and long-term cover can be bought separately or together, but the cost of each type is different. For example, if you purchase both short-term and long-term cover, you can claim up to six months of sickness benefits for every eligible employee.

Also, there are several TGB Lawyers WorkCover policies which allow you to add children to the cover. Some policies will pay out more if your child has a pre-existing condition; some will payout even if your child doesn’t have a pre-existing condition but has a history of psychological illness.

You can choose from a wide variety of claims options; the type of claim that you make is down to your needs. Claims can be made for:

Claim payments vary depending on the type of cover you are taking. If you buy the correct type of work cover, then you will receive a lump-sum payment. Alternatively, you can make monthly payments, weekly payments, bi-weekly payments or fortnightly payments, depending on how much cover you need.

WorkCover Perth also provides you with the benefit of being able to take time off work. However, it is essential to understand that if you decide to take time off, you should first consult your employer to check if you are entitled to take time off.

You can use the WorkCover helpdesk to find out what type of cover you are eligible for, and the amount of cover you need to continue working without having to claim for more. In certain circumstances, some claims may even be eligible for reduced rates of payment due to the length of time you have been off.